Temple Gratitude

The 2021 Virtual Temple Experiences were co-created by a small team of beautiful souls. We are deeply grateful for each and every one who helped make this possible:

Simeone Scaramozzino: Immersive Artist, Writer, Director, Producer, Composer, Performer

Alison Keiper: Co-Producer, Operations & Communications  

Roger Carr: Lotus Temple Design Artist

Clement Merville of Manzalab: Tech Partner. Teemew: Tech Platform

Antonia Comito: Music Producer, Composer, & Performer  

David Ballard: CGI Artist

Mathieu Castelet: CGI Artist

Estephan Quass: 3D Modeller & Designer 

Gloria Beck: Senior Project Manager

Peter Platzgummer: Project Manager

Courtney Norman: 2D Graphic Designer

Jenna Seiden: Marketing/Communications Support

J Phoenix, Shesh Iyer, & Mohan: Tech Support

Abaidullah A: API Support

Temple Guardians, Rangers, VEST: Virtual Experience Support & Safety

  • Tranquilitea, Diver Dave, Komack, RedBirdBean, Zen Panda, Captain, Cherub, Tomas, BunnyMan, Pebble, Fancypants, nutmeg, Cosmic Trooper, Joyous Special, TigerCub, Sherpa, Putin, Dr Chris, Quentin Coyote, RoloDex, Stella, Headlights, Michael, MysterE, Fringe, Joyride, Santee, Astro, Wizard, April, Notorious, Tophat, Hestia, Firelight, Skye, Tess, Spanks, NotSorry, Tess, Sparky, Sassi, & Zygote.

Temple Burn Soundtrack Voice Offerings by Simeone Scaramozzino, Alison Keiper, Roger Carr, Peter Platzgummer, Max Platzgummer, David Ballard, Estephan Quass, Antonia Comito, Francesco Comito, Jasmine Lee, Noelle Freeman, Addison Li, Mel Awasi, Gregorio Grillo, Alessia D’Ippolito, Caterina Currao, Martijn Schirp, Arin Dell Amsler Schirp, & Rachel Cora Wood.

Special thanks to Marian Goodell, Kim Cook, Colette Crespin, Katie Hazard, Kirsten Weisenburger, Chris Christiansen, & Kristy Neufeld.