The Temple is the spiritual heart of Burning Man.

Different from everything else that you might find on the playa, the Temple is a quiet, contemplative space where we go to find solace, peace, comfort, or clarity.

It is designed to welcome everyone in a broad range of emotional and spiritual situations. Whether you are grieving, setting intentions, commemorating, contemplating, or simply exploring, we hold space for you to do so.

This year’s virtual Temple, the Luminous Lotus Temple, stands a symbol of enlightenment, purity, rebirth, and triumph over obstacles. It is a token of perseverance and hope; a reminder to always trust the unseen path leading to the light. 

The 2021 Virtual Temple Team offers the Luminous Lotus Journey as an interactive journey through the Temple for people to find their centre and ground, connect with their emotions, face their shadows through acts of expression and creation, emerge in the light, and connect with others in universal love and wisdom. 

Experience the Luminous Lotus Temple in two unique ways.

The Luminous Lotus Temple Journey


The Luminous Lotus Journey is the week-long interactive experience of the Temple where you can embody your avatar, travel across multiple dimensions of connection, and explore your emotional shadows by creating offerings.

Just like a lotus, this Temple has many layers, each signifying different stages of transformation that are available to you.

The Luminous Lotus Temple Burn


Witness the ceremonial burn of the Luminous Lotus Temple at the end of the Virtual Burn Week.

The Burn Ceremony is a multisensorial, immersive art experience imbued with soundscapes, harmonising binaural and solfeggio frequencies, and a cacophony of colours that mirror the emotions of the Offerings contributed to the Luminous Lotus Temple throughout the Virtual Burn Week. The emotional energy of the Offerings will be synaesthetically transformed by the sacred fire into awareness and harmony. As the Temple returns to dust, we emerge from the fire, lighter and freer, and reunite with the light.

To revisit the collective magic that manifested last year, enjoy the 2020 Temple Burn Ceremony here.

ArtSpeaks: Get a Sneak Peek of the Virtual Temple

with the Temple Team

Support the Luminous Lotus Temple

Your support — no matter how large or small — helps us cover the development and technical costs of curating this multisensorial immersive experience. With your donation, we will be able to deliver a more expansive Temple Experience and dream bigger dreams as we create the Temple Burn Ceremony. Thank you for entrusting us with the spiritual heart of the community!