The Luminous Lotus Temple Burn Ceremony

Each year, we conclude Burn Week by gathering around the Temple to witness it alight with ceremonial flames and return to its dusty beginnings. It provides us with an opportunity to reflect, release, and renew for the year ahead.

The 2021 Luminous Lotus Temple Burn Ceremony is a multisensorial, immersive art experience imbued with soundscapes, harmonising binaural and solfeggio frequencies, and a cacophony of colours that mirror the emotions of the Offerings contributed to the Luminous Lotus Temple throughout the Virtual Burn Week. The emotional energy of the Offerings will be synaesthetically transformed by the sacred fire into awareness and harmony. As the Temple returns to dust, we emerge from the fire, lighter and freer, and reunite with the light.


In the final chapter of this year’s Luminous Lotus Temple Journey, we will re-connect with our own cosmic beginnings and enter a dream-like adventure across parallel dimensions to witness our starseed Lemurian ancestors gathering around their Lotus Temple on Mu, the lost continent of Lemuria.

The Temple Burn Ceremony will unfold both on the land of the Lemurians and in the Black Rock Desert, two dimensions no longer separated by time.

Recounted as a dream from the perspective of Sirius B, the all-seeing star from which Lemurians originate from, the story introspects the relationship between the self, the Supreme Consciousness, and our multidimensional power that stems from our stellar birthmark. 

This Temple Burn Ceremony aspires to offer an opportunity to reframe our perception of reality, rediscover our emotional sovereignty, and embrace the unknowns with grace and levity, supported by the infinite love of the Luminous Consciousness that manifests through us.   

It is my wish that we no longer live separated from our divinely cosmic nature, aware that we are continuously seen and supported by our highest selves, the versions of us that dwell in the realms of pure love and light, while we explore other realities in our impermanent organic spaceships.

I invite you to dim the lights, settle into a comfortable position, and use a set of headphones to immerse yourself intro transcendental sonics.

Let your journey begin…


Simeone Scaramozzino

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