Create your Offering

You may create your Offerings from:

Sunday, Aug 29th at 10am PDT Sunday, Sept 5th at 7:59pm PDT

On this page, we will explain how to create your Offering in the EmoSphere and browse other Offerings.

To learn how to experience the Luminous Lotus Journey, the symbolism and meaning imbued into it, and the different stages of transformation available to you, visit this page.

To learn how and when to download the application, the technical requirements for an optimal experience, and how to adjust performance settings within the application, visit this page.

Your Presence, Participation, and Expression are Your Offering

Creating an Offering to this year’s Temple is a Journey of Self-Discovery and Expression. It begins in the Temple Hall — where you choose which Portal will guide you into the EmoSphere, the realm of your shadow emotions where the Offering Altar resides.

When you land in the EmoSphere of a specific Portal, you will be surrounded with the emotions that are most relevant and characterising of a specific Chakra or energy vortex, those that are normally kept in the shadows and that you can now see, embrace, shed light upon, and integrate by the most authentic and sincere act of compassion for the self: expressing them truthfully and dedicating them to the Temple as Emotional Offerings. It is the act of creation itself that will empower you with your Emotional Sovereignty and unload and enliven you.  

After you complete the Ritual of Offering Creation, you will return to the Temple Hall, emerging as the Luminous Lotus that You are, and integrate the experience by connecting with the self, with others, and the Temple itself.

The tutorial below walks you through the steps of the Ritual of Offering Creation in the EmoSphere. If you’re wondering how to get to the EmoSphere, refer to our experience guide, which illustrates how you can journey through the different areas of the Temple.

The Offering Creation Ritual

Welcome to the EmoSphere!

You have just teleported into the emotional chamber of your chosen Portkey.

This chamber carries the vibrations of the specific Chakra associated with the Portkey through the colour, sounds, tone, and character of the space.

Around the perimeter of the chamber, the 6 main emotional shadows connected to the Chakra appear before you. To discover more about how these emotions relate to the chakra system, visit this page.

Meditate & Align with the Chakra Energy

A soundscape will then begin that carries activating messages and affirmations imbued with aligning frequencies.

We invite you to settle into Lotus pose (by clicking the “Lotus” button at the bottom of the screen) and let the soundscape flow around you.

Let the inner voice of the Chakra guide you through a meditation to help you choose the emotion you want to embrace and offer to the Temple.

Choose your Emotion to Offer

Once you have listened to the meditation, choose the emotion that you would like to surrender and offer to the Temple.

To start the Ritual of Offering Creation, click on the hand-shaped Altar above the emotion (illustrated in the image) to activate it.

Make an Offering

The Offering Creation window will appear. After reading and hearing the intention of the Offering Creation Ritual, click “Select” to begin creating your own Offering.

Upload any Accompanying Files

In this step, you can upload an audio file, a video file, a PDF, or a photograph from your computer. These files will need to be prepared by you in advance.

Finalize your Offering

Allow your words to flow from your heart as you add any description you would like to include with your Offering.

When you feel that your Offering is complete, select the “Offer” button to gift your Offering to the Temple.

Bow & Namaste to Your Offering

Send gratitude to yourself for facing your emotional shadows and honoring your emotional depths. If you wish, you may take this opportunity to meditate again and connect with the light that always resides within you…

Browse other Offerings

We invite you to explore the other emotional chambers of the EmoSphere, where you can witness Offerings created by our community.

Click on the “Lotus” symbol above any emotion (illustrated in the image), and it will illuminate any Offerings that are present.

Teleport back to the Temple Hall

When you are ready, you may teleport back to the Temple Hall via the Ascension Funnel located in the centre of the EmoSphere Hall.

Emerge as a Luminous Being!

Re-emerge as a luminous being levitating around the Crown Chakra Portkey in the Temple Hall.

Observe the Live Mandala in the Temple Hall growing and coming to life with the creation of each Offering. Every individual action, here symbolised as the Creation of an Emotional Offering, creates energy that ripples expansively into the Collective Consciousness.

Thank you for sharing your energy and co-creating this experience!